Tuesday July 7th 2015, Mike Hyland Quartet at Dazzle

The upcoming quartet gig is now on Tuesday July 7th, (not Monday!) so hopefully we’ll see a lot of people out there to enjoy what looks like is going to be a really fun and entertaining gig. Get your tickets early since I’m inviting all of my students and parents things will probably sell out […]

New Quartet at Dazzle etc…

I’m very excited to announce an upcoming gig at Dazzle on July 6th with my new quartet featuring John Grigsby, Alejandro Castano, and Patrick Lee.  As the date approaches I’ll let you know more details! In the meantime here’s a video of the trio playing ‘Stella’ somewhere in Montana  

Dazzle Jam

Had the pleasure of playing the opening/closing sets of the Dazzle Jam session with the amazing Todd Reid and Bijoux Barbosa last night. Had a blast playing with such heavy musicians. Playing it again April 7th so come down and check it out!

New and Improved…

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my newly redesigned site.  Have a look around and check out the gigs calendar to see where I’ll be playing next. I’m planning on playing a lot of music this Spring so please keep your eye out, I’d love to see you out and about! Here are some […]